[Spellyans] The monarchy and Spellyans

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I know I recently mentioned the potential boost to the language that the 
Duke of Cornwall and Prince of Wales could inject. I trust this was not 
mistaken as anti-Royalist because that would be a huge irony given I am a 
'devout' supporter of our Constitutional Monarchy and the hard won liberties 
that the Glorious Revolution Settlement broght us as a nation, especially in 
the shape of the Toleration Act. Yes, many at the time no doubt had to be 
reluctantly dragged into accepting the principle but as a nation it was one 
of the most salutary hard learned lessons we took on board. It broke the 
infatuation for Absolutism and gradually ensured precious civil liberties.
And whilst I do not think Monarchy is essential to this, I do think our 
Constitutional Monarchy and its historic roots is vastly superior to a mere 
presidency- warts and all!

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>A esely wheg,
> Political opinions vary, but it can be said that not everyone who is 
> interested in Cornish is opposed to the monarchy. Because I have received 
> complaints about the anti-monarchical statements made by some members of 
> this forum, I would like to point out that the Spellyans discussion list 
> is here primarily for public linguistic discussion, and suggest that 
> commentary about the monarchy as an institution or about individual Royals 
> is probably best kept to other forums.
> Yn lel,
> Agas Menystror
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