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The two plurals mergh and marhas are not really comparable with marhegyon ~ marhogyon.
In the first case the plurals are radically different, in the second only the stem varies.
Mergh ~ marhas is comparable with gever NBoson ~ gyffras TH 27a.
Further examples of double plurals include:

meyn 'stones' (passim) but meanow Rowe
ethyn 'birds' OM 43 but edhnow trodzhan 'starlings' AB: 10b

The alternation of e and a in the stem of marhek/marhak is closer to:

blethednyow Keigwin ~ blethanniau NBoson
and cf. taran RD 294 but tarednow ACB and steren JBoson ~ sterradnou JBoson.


On 1 Nov 2012, at 07:35, Craig Weatherhill wrote:

> "horse" also has two attested plurals:  <mergh> and <marhes>. 

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