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"Ky Teylu Baskerville" ("The Hound of the Baskervilles") gans Arthur Conan Doyle dyllys gans Evertype

Sherlock Holmes a omdhysqwedhas rag an kensa prës i'n lyver Studhyans in Lyw Cogh dyllys i'n vledhen 1887. An whedhlow adro dhe Sherlock Holmes a sordyas kebmys lës in colon an bobel, may cresy Conan Doyle yn scon y dhe dedna attendyans dhyworth y scrifow erel. Conan Doyle a ladhas Sherlock Holmes i'n whedhel “An Problem Dewetha”, saw y redyoryon a reqwiryas may fe an helerghyas dasvewys arta. Whedhel yw Ky Teylu Baskerville ow tùchya dhe ky brâs dres ehen, a wrug ownekhe dh'y vernans Syr Charles Baskerville, den jentyl rych in Pow Densher. Lies huny ader dro i'n pow a grës nag yw an ky best a'n bës-ma, adar ky uthyk in mes a iffarn. Yma Sherlock Holmes ow spêdya dhe dhyscudha gnas gwir an ky, ha dhe surhe na vo Henry Baskerville, noy hag er Syr Charles, shyndys ganso. Yma lies crytycor ow consydra Ky Teylu Baskerville dhe vos an whedhel gwella a whedhlow Sherlock Holmes, ha hèm yw an kensa prës dell hevel may feu onen vëth a'n whedhlow-na dyllys in Kernowek. Gweler http://evertype.com/books/hound-kw.html

Sherlock Holmes appeared for the first time in A Study in Scarlet in the year 1887. The stories about Sherlock Holmes became so popular that after a while Conan Doyle believed they were drawing attention away from his other writings. He killed off Sherlock Holmes in the story "The Final Problem", but his readers demanded that the detective should be resurrected. The Hound of the Baskervilles is a story of a monstrous dog that terrifies Sir Charles Baskerville, a Devonshire landowner, to death. Many of the local people believe that it is not an earthly animal, but rather a supernatural hell-hound. Sherlock Holmes is able to establish the real nature of the hound and to ensure that Henry Baskerville, Sir Charles's nephew and heir is not harmed by it. Many commentators consider that The Hound of the Baskervilles is the best of the Sherlock Holmes stories, and this is apparently the first time that any of the stories has appeared in Cornish. See http://evertype.com/books/hound-kw.html

Cathair na Mart: Evertype. RRP £11.95. Versyon Kernowek: ISBN 978-1-78201-013-5; English edition: ISBN 978-1-78201-012-8.

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