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A search of the texts yields no exact parallels. 
The closest example I can find is:

En Blethan a'n Deu Arlueth nei, 1710 at the end of a letter by William Gwavas
addressed to the people of America.

Gwavas might not lenite anyway, but there is certainly no lenition here
because En is 'in', not 'in the'. 
The whole can be translated 'In the year of our Lord God, 1710' and 
1710 is in apposition to what precedes. 

In the phrase in bledhen 1900 on the other hand the item written 1900 (mil ha naw cans) functions as an adjective, not
a proper noun in apposition. It seems to me therefore that i'n vledhen 1900 is correct. What we are saying is:
in the 1900 year (not the 1900th year).
The parallel form in Irish is an bhliain 1900 'the year 1900' and in Welsh y flwyddyn 1900 'idem'; 
cf. O gwmpas y flwyddyn 1900, Awstria-Hwngari oedd y wlad fwyaf yn Ewrop ar ôl Rwsia
 Sefydliadau, lleoedd neu bethau eraill a sefydlwyd yn y flwyddyn 1900. 


On 5 Nov 2012, at 01:29, A. J. Trim wrote:

> Is it grammatically correct to write <i'n vledhen 1887> "in the year 1887"?
> "in the year 1887" is short for "in the 1887th year (of our Lord)"
> Should this be <in 1887ans bledhen (agan Arlùth)>?
> It could also be "in the year of 1887" but that would be <in bledhen 1887>.
> What forms are attested? How did we get <i'n vledhen>?

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