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Christian Semmens christian.semmens at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 14:17:12 GMT 2012

I wrote this before Eddies last message, but most of it stands...

My statements are neither tendentious nor erroneous, Eddie, and hopping on
a high horse at the first sniff of perceived criticism of UC is not
helpful. I also never said that I want KS to replace everything that went
before. UC is what it is, it won't change. UCR was an attempt to do that
and it didn't get very far, although I prefer its aesthetic to any of the
other orthographies before or since. A purely subjective opinion.

Let us please stop bickering about things that are not pertinent to the
matter in hand. The majority of the revival has turned its back on UC as
its chosen written form for various reasons. Arguably the largest group use
KK and this in-fighting over nothing, between people on the same side of
the fence does absolutely nothing to help change that fact.

I am not criticising or dismissing UC or the people who learned it, I am
merely pointing out that the focus for some on UC here, now, today, on this
forum to discuss changes to the SWF, is misplaced. The SWF is being
constructed as the future of written Cornish. Currently that has a UC
informed phonology and bizarrely, a KK face. Traditional graphs are hidden
away, depreciated and of inferior standing regardless of the empty initial
promises. We should be striving to overturn this discrimination not harking
back to a time past.


On 14 November 2012 10:04, Hedley Climo <eddie_climo at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

> On 2012 Du 14, at 00:02, christian.semmens at gmail.com wrote:
> Thanks Ewan,
> However, the situation we have to deal with is not the establishment of
> UC/R as the future Cornish orthography, but preventing the SWF-K from
> becoming the future of Cornish. We have subdued KK phonology, but the SWF
> retains its aesthetic. UC is not part of this battle, it is already a
> casualty. Not dead, but so damaged as to be useless in this fight. If we
> win this battle it may survive, only may, as a viable form. If we loose, it
> remains the museum piece it currently is. Supported by a small faction.
> Smaller than Kk, perhaps smaller than SWF, on a par perhaps with the Modern
> Cornish forms. The fight is to make traditional orthographic forms the
> dominant form for the SWF. That is not UC.
> If we loose then "Official Cornish" will be KK style. Traditional forms
> will be relegated to academic study only. This is what we are fighting for
> and this is what KS was developed to help us avoid. We need KS to inform
> the SWF and not get bogged down in regressive talk of UC. Not here, and not
> yet.
> This is about the SWF. The UC fight is for another day.
> As I've already said repeatedly on this forum, it is a mistake to dismiss
> UC/r in such a facile manner. It is not, as Christian puts it, 'damaged'
> nor a 'museum piece'.
> His statements are quite erroneous and tendentious, I'm afraid.
> Eddie Climo
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