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On 2012 Du 16, at 13:07, Jon Mills wrote:
> …The main obstacle to learning a language is lack of good teaching methodology.

True, but let's not forget the necessity of good resources: books, comics, audio an video; attractive designs, good typography, professional production values and so on.

Each of the 'traditionalist' publishers active today has been producing a steady supply of such material in a range of orthographies, and there'll be lots more to come, mar myn Dew.

Eddie Climo
Gwask an Orlewen

ps. For those who prefer material not in UC,  let me reiterate the standing offer that G an O has made before.

Gwask an Orlewen has printed in most of the trad-based orthographies, which as of January 2013 will include not only UC but also as UC/r, KS, SWF-T, and Late Cornish. We've also published parallel texts with Cornish and several other languages.

If anyone wishes to see any of G an O's publications in a different orthography, I would be perfectly willing to publish such transcriptions—so long as they were prepared to do the transcribing and proof reading themselves…I lack the skills needed to do that, except in UC. And, of course, it would be on condition that the original writer/translator agreed to the idea.

So, if anyone wanted to see a KS edition of, say, the graded readers in Kevres Redya, or an RLC version of the comic Daffy Hos ha'n Emskemmynyon just let me know.

Equally, if anyone would like to do a new translation, or some new writing in Cornish, no matter what the genre or orthography (save only KK and SWF-K, of course), get in touch and I'd be delighted to discuss your ideas.
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