[Spellyans] January and other months.

Craig Weatherhill craig at agantavas.org
Fri Nov 23 11:30:53 GMT 2012

Does anyone else think that <mis Genver> should be <mis Jenver>?  It's evidently derived from the Latin "month of Janus", and the attestations are mostly from the Late Cornish period.  These are (from Gendall's source dictionary):

Genver (Lhuyd)
Miz Jenvar (Gendall cites 'RW', but doesn't give RW in his list of abbreviations)
Miz Yenvar (Gwavas)
"the G soft" (W.A. Jeffery, per Alan St V. Collins, marginal notes in his copy of Williams's 'Lexicon', from trad. words collected from Mousehole and Newlyn).

Does anyone know the derivation/translation of ~<mis Hedra>?

What is "kevar-" in <mis Kevardhu>?


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