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> Wikipedia gives Breton *Genver*, which I'm told is pronounced with a hard
> /g-/, at least in one of the dialects. By contrast, <gw-> in a word like *
> Gwener*, so I'm told, is pronounced with either /gw-/ or softened to
> /jw-/ (a soft French-style /j-/) depending on dialect. I have no idea
> whether or not Breton <ge-> can soften in a similar way.
>  In the Vannetais dialect of Breton we find that *gw-, g-, kw-, k- *before
front vowels (*e, i*) have been changed to *dʒɥ-*, *dʒ-*, *tʃɥ-, tʃ-* ([dʒ]
is the sound of *g-* in George, [tʃ] the sound of *ch-* in *change, *[ɥ] as
*u* in French *ennuier *'to annoy'). But this dialect group is as far away
from Cornwall as one can be in the Breton speaking world.

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