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On 2012 Du 24, at 20:50, Nicholas Williams wrote:
> I don't think Kevardhu has anything to do with ploughing.
> …The first element in Kevardhu is probably the same element as in in the gever 'with respect to you' and cf.Welsh cyfair 'direction' and ar gyfair 'opposite'. 
> Kevardhu I take to mean 'the month opposite i.e. following November'.

The Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru does, at least in part, support your assertion:
> cyfair, cyfer. 
> 1. direction, region, place, spot; opposite position.

However, its entry for this lexeme seems to support a different possibility:
> cyfair, cyfer.
>> 2. acre, a day's ploughing, cover.

This is a close match for an entry in Mordon Nance's excellent 1952 Dictionary:
> acre. *kever
…and in his 1938 one, we find:
> kevar. joint ploughing of land held in common (W., B.)
> kever. regard, respect, direction.

This all suggests that 'Winter Ploughing' or 'Winter/Black Acre' is perfectly possible.

Eddie Climo
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