[Spellyans] January and other months.

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Janice ha ‘n gowetha-oll,


If Hedra refers to the rut it parallels Gaelic Damhar  à  Damh (stag)  ar
(0n heat)


-        An ken Ken



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Some time ago I was told (info poss originating with RG) that Hedra came
from the bellowing of stags (rutting season) and that Kevar came from kewer
(weather) - both of which seem appropriate to the months in question



On Fri, Nov 23, 2012 at 11:30 AM, Craig Weatherhill <craig at agantavas.org>

Does anyone else think that <mis Genver> should be <mis Jenver>?  It's
evidently derived from the Latin "month of Janus", and the attestations are
mostly from the Late Cornish period.  These are (from Gendall's source

Genver (Lhuyd)
Miz Jenvar (Gendall cites 'RW', but doesn't give RW in his list of
Miz Yenvar (Gwavas)
"the G soft" (W.A. Jeffery, per Alan St V. Collins, marginal notes in his
copy of Williams's 'Lexicon', from trad. words collected from Mousehole and

Does anyone know the derivation/translation of ~<mis Hedra>?

What is "kevar-" in <mis Kevardhu>?


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