[Spellyans] Cornish in a Thriller! & Place Name Query For Craig

Nicholas Williams njawilliams at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 20:56:22 IST 2012

This is perhaps not literal enough:

Q.2  Pana rewl a ros Duw dhyn dhe dhysqwedhes an fordh ewn may hyllyn y wordhya ha’y enjoya?

G. Ger Duw, kefys in scryptours an Testament Coth ha’n Testament Nowyth, yw an udn rewl dhe dhysqwedhes dhyn an fordh ewn dh’y wordhya ha’y enjoya ev. 


On 10 Sep 2012, at 20:54, ewan wilson wrote:

>  Now to the second Q/A!

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