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On 17 Sep 2012, at 12:06, Nicholas Williams wrote:

> I cannot find any example of war'n (or warn) for war an in Tregear. I have found the following instances of war an written as two words in Tregear’s homilies, however, and in Sacrament an Alter. 
> in y exposition gwris war an 99 psalme TH 58
> fatla ew sittis onne Dew war an alter benegas SA 65a
> Onne a thew ew sittis war an alter SA 65a.
> Since there does not appear to be any example of war’n, warn ‘on the’ anywhere, as far as I can see, perhaps it might be wiser not to use such a form.

For what it is worth, George's dictionary cites SA 60v as the source for "war n". In Bice's edition the relevant page reads: "bus e thibbry, an moygha tra a pub tra oll vs war (a)n nore ew agen saviour Jesus Christ". There are a number of letters parenthesized by Bice in that paragraph and the parentheses indicate damage or defectiveness in the manuscript, not orthographic practice. 

> On 17 Sep 2012, at 11:16, Lowe Jenefer wrote:
>> The only reference we can find is in Ken George’s dictionary where he cites Tregear, war n. Might it simply have spread from the use of elision with other prepositions e.g. dhe’n, y’n,  where it is clearly because of the proximity of two vowels?

The preposition "wàr" does not end in a vowel.

This is another example of one of George's dictionaries proving unreliable. 

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