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Vanessa is a very lovely, and deeply caring person, but how strong is  

Although I have been doing my best to work with the SWF, it's far from  
perfect.   The problems arose because of (in my view) poor  
Chairmanship of the AHG, and the overturning of the original brief.

The brief from the Commission, applauded by almost everyone at the  
Tremough presentation, was that the SWF was to be based on KD, with KS  
input.  That did not happen, once doors were closed at Treyarnon.   
Although the KD designers were there, the KS architects were excluded  
from attendance.

KK, UC, UCR and other orthographies were to play no significant role,  
other than to inform.  But what happened was that KD and KS were, to  
all intents and purposes, pushed aside.  Trond caved under pressure,  
the AHG was not fairly balanced, and KK became the principal default  

I'd like to say that the Review Board will result in an improved and  
more inclusive SWF - and remember that the traditional graph option,  
along with those who refer to use it, have been utterly ignored in the  
4 years since Treyarnon - but I fear it will not.  I'm not convinced  
that any dissatisfaction with the Board's performance will bear  
fruit.  After all, we have been told that the Review itself will be  
the final word.

Of course, the proof of the pudding will not be visible until after  
the Review has taken place.  My fears may be unjustified.  Or they may  


On 19 Gwn 2012, at 10:25, Ken MacKinnon wrote:

> Meur ras dhysso-jy, Jenefer.
> This is most helpful, and provides  very useful and re-assuring  
> information.
> I am due to attend British & Irish Council events in Cardiff 8-9 Nov  
> – and note you are due to attend likewise.   We may have opportunity  
> for further discussion.    Will Mike Tresidder be coming as well?
> Viajow saw, ha sowena y’n ober - Ken
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> Dear all,
>  I feel I have to comment on the email sent by Mina as it does not  
> reflect my experience in working with the people mentioned at all.  
> The Cornish language community has an unfortunate tendency to cling  
> to preconceptions and labels which are often without foundation and  
> serve only to prolong and promote divisions, which is regrettable.   
> I am not commenting on the choice of members for the Review Board as  
> this was a matter for the Management Board, but am concerned to note  
> our experience.  Jori has served as head of the translation group  
> for a few years working firstly across all orthographies and  
> latterly with the SWF which has given him an excellent knowledge of  
> the advantages and problems found by those from all backgrounds in  
> using it. From the days of leading the strategy group onwards we  
> have found him very fair in terms of his attitude to other  
> orthographies. Neil remains committed to Modern Cornish but equally  
> has worked with the SWF and is particularly keen to ensure that the  
> SWF is capable of use by Modern Cornish speakers. Maureen and Polin  
> have both published in SWF and used it in teaching. I have no doubt  
> that everyone, given a free choice, would be inclined to take the  
> SWF nearer to the orthographic form they have mainly used and  
> prefer, but it does not follow that that will cloud their judgement  
> or render them incapable of seeing things from other points of view.  
> Neil and Polin have both worked with the SWF dictionary board as  
> well. Esme comes originally from a Unified background, but is a  
> member of An Kylgh Kernewek and uses the SWF for teaching.
>  What backgrounds people are from does not necessarily affect their  
> ability to be fair and weigh evidence and support appropriately and  
> it is vastly unfair to pre-judge and categorise in this way. If  
> anyone has an issue with the way in which the Board has worked once  
> in operation, then a complaint may legitimately be raised at that  
> point.
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> In reply to Ken's email.
> Vanessa was originally  a 'unified' speaker, Albert B is  of course  
> SWF, Neil was 'Modern' Cornish. Jory a diehard Kemmyn speaker. Polin  
> Prys and particularly Maureen  Pierce are both 'fanatic' kemmyn  
> speakers and   very very anti Modern.     Both ladies told me just a  
> few weeks ago that they were not in favour of the SWF even though  
> they had to support it,  and I gathered they would prefer the SWF to  
> be further inclined towards Kemmyn. I don't know Esme - have not  
> even heard her name.Hope that helps.
> This review board is very light weight. Can someone explain please  
> what its job will be.  Apart from Albert and possibly Neil, no one is
> anywhere close to being a linguist. It will be Treyarnon all over  
> again, with no "real" experts on the committee.
> I suggest that something be done about the composition of this  
> board. Regards Mina
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> A gowetha,
> The message below from Jenefer gives details of the SWF review  
> group.  Can you identify which aspects of the Cornish language  
> movement each of these names represents?
>    - an ken Ken
> Prof Ken MacKinnon,
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> The Black Isle, by Dingwall,
> Ross-shire  IV7 8HX   Scotland /UK
> Tel: 01349 – 863460  E-mail: ken at ferintosh.org
> Kesva Dhaswel an FSS henwys / SWF Review Board Appointed
> Pur dha yw genen deklarya henwyn an ombroforyon re beu dewisys avel  
> eseli Kesva Dhaswel an FSS. Ny a wor grassow meur dhe bubonan nep re  
> ombrofyas rag an ober ma – nyns o es rag Kesva Dhyghtya an  
> Keskowethyans ervira yntra kemmys a bobel da.  Agan govenek yw  
> pubonan a wrug ombrofya dhe gemeres ran y’n argerdh yn un profya aga  
> thybyansow hag omjunnya y’n keskowsow dres an vledhen nessa.
> Na wreugh ankevi bos kedhlow adro dhe’n argerdh ha formow dhe worra  
> yn rag testennow ha tybyansow war’n wiasva lemmyn.
> We are very pleased to announce the names of those who have been  
> appointd to the SWF Review Board. We are very grateful to all who  
> put themselves forward – it was not an easy task for the Partnership  
> Board to decide from so many excellent applications. We hope that  
> all those who applied will be able to play a full part in the  
> process through offering their ideas and joining in the discussions  
> during the next twelve months.
> Don’t forget that details of the process and forms for submission of  
> topics for consideration are now on the website.
> Kesva Dhaswel an FSS / SWF Review Board
> Jori Ansell
> Vanessa Beeman (Chair)
> Albert Bock
> Neil Kennedy
> Maureen Pierce
> Polin Prys
> Esme Tackley
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