[Spellyans] SWF Review

Ray Chubb ray at spyrys.org
Thu Sep 20 08:27:42 IST 2012

I for one would except this compromise in order to remove the (m/k),  
(t) distinction.

On 19 Gwn 2012, at 21:16, Owen Cook wrote:

> Or, better yet, the committee could actually make some of the hard
> decisions that they ducked last time, allowing us to transcend the
> whole SWF/k : SWF/t distinction. Here was one idea that got limited
> play time last time around:
> · For hw/wh, use wh
> · For kw/qu/qw, use qw
> · For k/c before {a o u}, use k
> · For k/c before consonants (except w and y), use c
> This would give kara, gwlaskor, kubmyas, clappya, cria, bethqweth,
> whela -- all sanctioned to various degrees by the texts, systematic,
> and logically defensible.

Ray Chubb


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