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Hedley Climo eddie_climo at yahoo.co.uk
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Nicholas's 2006 dictionary offers us the calque:
	top-hat, topper. hot owrlyn, -ttys owrlyn

Although they have been made out of silk "hatters' plush", they have more commonly been made of felted fur or wool, or cotton velour (according to Wikipedia). Alternative English names for it include not only 'silk hat', but also beaver hat (as in the risqué Irish air, Cock up your beaver!), high hat, cylinder hat, chimney pot hat, and stove pipe hat.

Other languages call it Zylinder Hut (German), Sombrero de copa alta (Spanish), Haut-de-forme (French), and my favourite 'Lum hat' ('lum' is Scots for a chimney).

So, in addition to Michael's delightful 'hot chymbla', and Nicholas's 'hot owrlyn', we might try calquing 'hot ughel', 'hot syjan', or 'hot hyrgren'.

On 2012 Gwn 25, at 16:25, Jon Mills wrote:
> Can anyone suggest a Cornish translation equivalent for 'top hat'?
> Ol an gwella,

Eddie Climo
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