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Craig Weatherhill craig at agantavas.org
Wed Sep 26 19:29:12 IST 2012

Thanks for that, Eddie - was in need of a laugh.


On 26 Gwn 2012, at 19:21, Hedley Climo wrote:

> Changing the topic slightly, what about the bowler hat (aka coke  
> hat, derby, and billycock)? According to Wikipedia, it has nothing  
> to do with cricket, but was (allegedly) invented back in 1849 by the  
> brothers Bowler.
> NJAW's UCR dictionary offers the merely descriptive 'hot cales  
> cren', while other European languages venture more picturesque  
> names: 'chapeau melon' (French), 'Melone' (German),  
> 'bombetta' (Italian), 'bolhoet' (Dutch), and 'Chapéu- 
> coco' (Portuguese).
> My personal favourite is my grandparent's term from Caithness,  
> namely a 'durler' (? spelling), a word which also means a (child's)  
> potty! Thanks to a suggestion from Medhelwyther (based on usage by  
> Map Essa + 'y hynsa), we might consider the delightful Cornish- 
> Caithness calque 'hot podyk'. However, on this same theme, NJAW's  
> offering for 'chamber pot' would suggest the less-than-wearable 'hot  
> pycher pysa or <gulp!> 'hot urnal'!
> Who could resist the charms of a 'piss-pot hat' or indeed a 'urinal  
> hat'? Even worse, perhaps, if we were to invoke that famously  
> eponymous Thomas, inventor of lavatorial porcelain, we might even  
> stoop to donning a 'cappa Crapper'!
> :-)
> My vote's gotta be for 'hot podyk', and for the bolder spirits, the  
> 'cappa Crapper'!
> Eddie Climo
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