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I agree 'that stevel' may not be the best choice. However there is a semantic distinction between a 'dance' and a 'ball'. A 'ball' is a type of dance event. 
 There is also a distinction between 'ballroom' and 'dance hall'. 'Ballroom dancing' entails dances such as the waltz, the foxtrot, the tango and precludes hornpipes, reels, and breakdancing. More suggestions, please.
 Ol an gwella,
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 On 28 Sep 2012, at 08:36, Craig Weatherhill wrote: > I don't think "stevel" is a very good choice. Usually the word indicates a chamber or dining-room; something a lot smaller than the space required for ballroom dancing. Hence "hel dauncya" Michael Everson * http://www.evertype.com/ _______________________________________________ Spellyans mailing list Spellyans at kernowek.net http://kernowek.net/mailman/listinfo/spellyans_kernowek.net

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