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Everybody has a chance to show what they think spoken Cornish should sound
like at the Cornwall Music Festival (March 10th - 15th, entries in by 15th
January). Class Z1 is a 4 minute reading, Class Z2 is a 5 minute reading,
Class Z3 is a 5 minute dialogue (plus two more classes for Cornish
dialect). Last year it was very entertaining - just listening (especially
the dialect sections!).
I was the only Late Cornish entrant, so sounded a bit different from
everyone else (trying to emulate Dick, Neil and Dan).

Jan Lobb

On Thu, Dec 12, 2013 at 5:51 PM, Eddie Climo <eddie_climo at yahoo.co.uk>wrote:

> One of the KKItes' proud boasts has been that KK is the only form of RC
> devised by an 'expert' with a Ph.D. in 'scientific linguistics'. Well, if
> that's science, linguistics and expert doctors for you, then I rest my case!
> The contorted speech sounds in that Kesva 'official' MP3 would NEVER ever
> have been heard on the lips of any L1 Kernewegor in the entire history of
> our country, hep mar na ma's vyth oll!
> Blechhhh! Pity the poor bloody students who get pomstered into learning
> that 'caugh'!
> Quack! blooming Quack!
> Eddie Climo
> On 12 Dec 2013, at 17:14, Christian Semmens <christian.semmens at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> Poor prinunciation or spurious phonology is a problem for all learners. If
> the teacher has flawed pronunciation then the student is off to a very bad
> start.
> Here is an example of a supposedly exemplar version of some
> Kairrrrr-neewek :
> http://www.kesva.org/assets/files/KDL/kdl11.mp3
> I cannot see how this pronunciation could possibly lead to the sounds we
> hear in the speech of any part of Cornwall yet it is still one of the
> primary, if not *the* primary method for learners of Cornish without access
> to living teachers. Plus, being KK is the aspirational pronunciation for
> half of those Learning and by extension teaching Cornish.
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