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'Draw-ring board' is one that makes me cringe.


On 2013 Kev 12, at 21:07, Nicholas Williams wrote:

> No it is common in much of England. No Englishman or Englishwoman says Against the LawR.
> That is what you hear.
> The non-rhotic English speaker says, for example, It was against the law rafter that.
> You syllabify as against the lawr, but this is impossible for a speaker who does not pronounce r at the end of a syllable.
> It is certainly not an "Estuary English" feature. The term Estuary English is a disparaging term. I think it must refer to a rather slight Cockney tinge to Southern English. It's a rather offensive term
> because Standard English is historically the dialect of London. 
> Since the 1950s BBC announcers have been heard to say Waw Office for War Office, because they are so anxious to avoid
> the intrusive r that they leave it out when it is there. They say waw for war, as I do. And can only say waw roffice. 
> I have heard people in London say Emma rAnn for Emma Ann.
> There was a popular song in 1968 which had the line 'I love Jennifer Eccles and I know that she loves me'.
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoOZsOcfqEQ
> The syllabification was clearly Jennifa Reccles. The lead singer was Allan Clarke who was from Manchester.
> The English dialect of Manchester is non-rhotic. 
> Hence the Mancunian joke (which must be told with a Mancunian accent):
> How can you afford to go on all these cruises?
> I work for Cunard 
> So do I, but I can't afford cruises.
> On occasion the Beatles, from Liverpool, also non-rhotic can be heard inserting an intrusive r.
> Definitely not a feature solely of "Estuary English".
> Nicholas
> On 12 Dec 2013, at 10:11, kinhelfa . wrote:
>> For instance 'Against the law' is often heard as 'Against the LawR.' Verry peculiarr!! Is this an invasive 'Estuary English' feature?
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