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Seriously, Eddie, pronuciation is a real problem for me.


I did not pass the fourth grade oral exam for this reason.   I have attempted to get a good guide to this.  Daniel was very kind in sending me a CD of his oral course – but I just cannot get it to work on my system.


Is there a good take-you-through-it disk for sale which enables an authentic pronunciation to be acquired?   I am not going any further forward with Cornish until I can master the pronunciation.  I bear in mind my early self-tuition in Gaelic.   I had to relearn the language once good recordings became available.


-        an Ken ken


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One of the KKItes' proud boasts has been that KK is the only form of RC devised by an 'expert' with a Ph.D. in 'scientific linguistics'. Well, if that's science, linguistics and expert doctors for you, then I rest my case!


The contorted speech sounds in that Kesva 'official' MP3 would NEVER ever have been heard on the lips of any L1 Kernewegor in the entire history of our country, hep mar na ma's vyth oll!


Blechhhh! Pity the poor bloody students who get pomstered into learning that 'caugh'!


Quack! blooming Quack!


Eddie Climo

On 12 Dec 2013, at 17:14, Christian Semmens <christian.semmens at gmail.com> wrote:

Poor prinunciation or spurious phonology is a problem for all learners. If the teacher has flawed pronunciation then the student is off to a very bad start.

Here is an example of a supposedly exemplar version of some Kairrrrr-neewek :

I cannot see how this pronunciation could possibly lead to the sounds we hear in the speech of any part of Cornwall yet it is still one of the primary, if not *the* primary method for learners of Cornish without access to living teachers. Plus, being KK is the aspirational pronunciation for half of those Learning and by extension teaching Cornish.



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