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Cowethas an Yeth Kernewek Cambron continues to use 'Cambron' at every  

On 13 Kev 2013, at 10:22, Craig Weatherhill wrote:

> The one that really annoyed me was taken out of the Panel's hands,  
> and you guess which one that was.  We're stuck (for now) with the  
> awful: <Kammbronn>.  The Partnership, not the Panel, decided that  
> one, and I still argue that they have insufficient knowledge to do  
> so.  Their argument was that the form that appears on the Town  
> Council's letterhead should not be altered……..     Even Albert  
> confirms that it breaches SWF rules, and I was so close to getting a  
> Panel agreement on <Kammbron/Cammbron>, which would have observed  
> the rules (a form <Kambronn> is recorded in one C15 document, but  
> misleadingly suggests a second syllable stress.  In the next line,  
> the same scribe writes <Kambron>).

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