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I agree. It is nice to hear Cornish spoken naturally even when it is less than perfect.
Two things I should like to hear changed, however.
One is that arhans should not be used for mona 'money'.
Two, the fictitious form *peuns 'pound' should be replaced with puns or pens.
The Welsh word is punt, not *pawnt, so KK peuns is clearly wrong.
In Cornish puns became [pins] and then became one of those words in which y/i and e alternated before ns,
e.g. kyns/kens, pryns/prens, dyns/dens, myns/mens, syns/sens, hence pens.

When talking about Ireland I always call the country Wordhen
which is the only attested form:

Uordhyn AB: 222
Ha e tha worthen eath e whonnen JTonkin.

Matthi uses Nance's Ywerdhon, which is not found.


On 13 Dec 2013, at 10:25, Craig Weatherhill wrote:

>  Matthi has done a wonderful service and I've done several place-name podcasts with him (I've even managed to get in some pronunciation tips).

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