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Under ‘Seasonal Phrases’ on the Maga website we read:

join a club 
omjunya kowethas

Several points are to be noticed here. In the first place *omjùnya ‘to join’ is unattested. The only attested form is jùnya which is a) both transitive and intransitive and b) followed by dhe or gans:

kyns dallath aga ober inweth y ara ioynya gans an gwella han furra cosullyow a alla bos kyffes ‘before starting their work they will join with the best and wisest counsels that can be found’ TH 1
hag anethe hy kemeras dynsys ha Joynyas y honyn then dusys in vnite a person ‘and from her took manhood and joined himself to the Deity in unity of person’ TH 12a
Mar pith den vith ioynys the chear pedyr, po sensy then stall a pedyr, yth ew ow servont ve, ha me an pewe, ha me a ra y receva ha Joynea gonsa ‘If any man is joined ot the chair of St Peter or holds to the stall of St Peter, he is my servant, and he is mine and I will receive him and join with him’ TH 49a
mes ef agan magas ny gans e gorf e honyn, han Jvnyas ny thotheffe e honyn ‘but he fed us with his own body a’nd joined us to himself’ SA 59
an kigg yma causya an ena the vos Junys the dew an neff ‘the flesh, it causes the soul to be joined to the God of heaven’ SA 59a
Rag kepare ew an Corf na Junys thagan Saviour Christ, in della eth eny Jvnis thagan Saviour Christ ‘For as that body joined ot our Saviour Christ, thus we are joined to our Saviour Christ’ SA 65a.

*Omjunya kowethas seems to be treating omjunya as a transitive verb with the direct object kowethas. *Omjunya, however, is in form a reflexive and cannot therefore take a direct object. Moreover omjunya was not apparently part of the lexicon of traditional Cornish. 

I should therefore recommend:

That join a club — omjunya kowethas on the Maga website be emended immediately to join a club — junya dhe gowethas or junya gans kowethas.

Nicholas Williams 
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