[Spellyans] cledh but bleus, keus and greun

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As we have discussed previously, a rounded vowel does appear in place names (e.g. Cargloth). Since all the textual attestations here are rather late it is not surprising that they would show */œ/ in its unrounded reflex. But since there's also the place name and I should agree with Craig that (critically examined) place names are highly relevant to the reconstruction of Cornish forms, we do have grounds to reconstruct */klœð/, hence SWFt ‹cleudh›. I should say ‹cleudh› is as correct as bleus, keus and greun. 


On Feb 15, 2013, at 11:45 AM, Nicholas Williams wrote:

> Dan rightly asks why *cleudh is problematic, but bleus, keus and greun are not.
> We have, as far as I can see, no textual evidence for the rounded vowel in cledh, *cleudh.
> We have evidence a rounded vowel in the others: 
> blot OCV §920
> cos uel caus OCV §848 
> gronen OCV §§687, 919.
> Skeus 'shadow, fear' is not problematic because of schus at BM 3233.
> Nicholas
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