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A gowetha,


Also oil-related developments in recent years have delineated a Celtic Sea –
Mor Keltek - lying between Cornwall, SE Wales and SE Ireland.


-        An ken Ken


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I don't have the computer skills to produce a map, although I am a trained
cartographer!  (In the days before this technology).


On the map: Cape Cornwall should be Kylgoodh Ust, and Land's End: Pedn an


For the Channel, I'd vastly prefer:  Mor Bretennek.  It was always, in Latin
and English: The British Sea, until the rampant Eng. nationalism of Tudor
times that replaced it with "English Channel".





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Herbie ha’n gowetha,


I made this same suggestion to Craig a few emails ago.   I share this one
with you in the hopes someone can pick it up.


Two are three years ago someone produced a map of Cornwall and Scilly and
shared it on this group.   I am attaching a copy.   It was a very good start
and I have suggested that a larger scale map with Craig’s 3,000+ place-names
is what is needed now if we are to make a case for authentic
Cornish-language place-names based on professional historical, linguistic
and toponymic research.


Some years ago Estate Publications brought out an Official Tourist Map of
Cornwall / Kernow.  A considerable number of the place-names were also given
in Cornish from information supplied by Cussel an Tavas Kernuak, Agan Tavas,
and Ertaj Kevnow Strothys (sic)  Crown Copyright 2002.    Scale was
1:160,000  (approx 2 ½ miles to the inch) ISBN 1-84192-184-X..  This also
carried the logos of Cornwall Tourist Board, South-west Tourism and the
Ordnance Survey.


For info – an ken Ken


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Excited to have received my copy of Craig’s ‘A Concise Dictionary of Cornish
Place-Names’. Looks very comprehensive and well researched, and looking
forward to reading it and then having it by for reference.

Following on from the maps’ emails, any thought of producing a Cornish
Place-Name Map based on the contents of this book? It could be a great
additional asset, and may even be an attractive tourist souvenir if pitched
right. I could imagine picking one up at one of those many whirly book/card
stands in the shops of Cornwall, especially it had the air of authenticity
the book has.



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