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On 2013 Whe 8, at 16:14, Ken MacKinnon wrote:

> I have long realised that this is a difficult road to travel, but I have always felt that any representations of Cornish place-names should bear witness to their historic development.
> This is why I have felt that Craig’s methodology in his Concise Dictionary was well-considered: to render names in an SWF-compatible form but with respect to historic spellings.   This ensures that they bear comparison with the present-day form that the names now take.

I agree entirely, Ken. Moreover, I shall be looking satisfy my urgent need for a copy of Craig's Concise Dictionary tomorrow at the Agan Tavas AGM--and if the author's there I shall be wanting his signature too!

> We would similarly need to ensure that any revision of historic English place-names did not look and sound incongruous.  No one would e.g. countenance names like Acton being ‘modernised’ to ‘Oak-Town’, etc.

Aye, if the KKites had their way, the map of Britain would soon be littered with such illiterate delights as Ekksetter, Lunndunn, Edynnburr, Dunndy, Nywkkastel, and Tawnntonn.

> This is why the whole business of modernising and officialising historic place-names deserves to be undertaken with due care and respect for public sensitivities.

But, lo! is that a porcine aviator I behold overhead?


Eddie Climo
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