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Janice Lobb janicelobb at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 22:45:11 GMT 2013

Dick has  *clêdh* for a *ditch, dyke, trench, cutting, drain* and *meangledh
* for *quarry *

whereas SWF has *mengleudh* for *quarry*

and *dowrgleudh* for *canal*

Dick has *ancledhi* for *to bury, to inter,*

*cledhez* for *buried, “ditched”*

*ancladhvah* for *burial place, cemetery*

*ancledhiaz* for *interment*

while SWF has *ynkleudhyas* for *to bury*

*ynkladhva* for *cemetery, graveyard*

*ynkleudhyans* for *burial, funeral*

I prefer the look of Dick’s,

but Q1 is the –*eu*- vowel justified in SWF?

and Q2 is there any connection with *sword* *cledha/kledha*?
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