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> We are now facing a situation where a compromise orthography is in the final stages of being agreed. 

By whom? Experts who actually know about orthography design and Cornish were once again not selected for meaningful participation in the process. Maga seems not to have noticed where the bulk of new publications is coming from, and has underestimated the effect those publications will have in future. 

> The SWF is important because, unlike other orthographies, it will be touted as a consensus form and as such, the future of written Cornish.

They can tout all they want; if it is wanting in terms of linguistic suitability, it will be the subject of criticism. 

> Sadly, the SWF is a KK lookalike and I would bet that that is the way it will stay, etymological claptrap and all, as the next group is also biased in favour of KK. SWF/T, the traditional variant, is a depreciated and distinctly dowdy Cinderella, doomed to hide in the shadows for kooks and cranks to use if they want (OK, the metaphor has started to break down here as this sounds like Ciderella has a shady side!). Sadly, I doubt this Cinderalla will get to go to the ball. I think it likely that no-one will use SWF/T, as they are already wedded to their old variants or have a better option in KS. 

We devised KS because the SWF/T they offered us was not suitable for use. 

> If this is the case, and we ratify the SWF in its KK style dominant form, then traditional spelling is on its way out.

"We" aren't "ratifying" anything. The CLP and the SWF's editor-in-chief Albert Bock "own" the SWF. Changes to it are agreed by the former and implemented by the latter.

> However I can see no mechanism for rejecting it if it fails to be fit for purpose, which I suspect will be the case.

The mechanism is to use something else and to promulgate it.

> Then we are back to the old trenches, but this time with a bigger, well funded opponent that is firmly lined up with the old enemy, stylistically if not phonologically, but there will be time for that in the future.


> I suspect the battle for VA was a Pyrrhic victory. I don't doubt its necessity, I just think the ground lost to accommodate it was too much.

You are very worried about the cosmetic aspect. HW and K and OE. Yes, these graphs are not suitable. But the rot within the SWF is structural, not surface. Yet you worry mostly about the surface. 

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