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Jan wheg, 

Sorry I missed your second question about ‹cledha› "sword". Both "sword" and "trench" ultimately go back to the same root. According to Ranko Matasović's "Etymological Dictionary of Proto-Celtic" the Brythonic forms (W cleddyf, B klezeñv, C cledha) go back to an early loan from Goidelic. For 'sword' he gives *kladiwo- which originally was 'something with which one hits or digs'. 
In answer to you first question again… the ‹eu› in ‹cleudh› is in my opinion justifiable, the ‹eu› in the verb ‹encleudhyas› less so, but probable. 


On Jan 14, 2013, at 5:21 PM, Janice Lobb wrote:

> nobody is asking for LC to be the basis for the whole revival, but we would like fewer obstacles to be put in our way - we do think it sounds better
> plus, nobody has addressed my question about "sword"
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