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> Going back to another aspect of ancledhys: most people seem to be happy with ancledhys but that raises another problem of the initial vowel-/a/. SWF starts it with /yn/. This would make a difference as to where to put it in a dictionary

From Desky Kernowek:

The Cornish for ‘to bury’ is variously spelt in the texts: ‹enclethyas›,
‹enclethyes›, ‹anclethyas›. where the ‹th› of the texts represents "dh" rather
than "th". In some forms of revived Cornish the verbal noun is on etymological grounds spelt *‹ynkleudhyas›. There is a little evidence in later texts to
support initial ‹yn›; there is none at all for the medial ‹eu›. ‘To bury’ in
Cornish is best spelt ‹encledhyas›.

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