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"mon-GLEETH"  (although it should probably be "mon-GLETH", as EA is usually "ai" or eh" _ POLZEATH is  "pol-ZETH", but Breage is "BRAIG").

Modern pronunciations are not always to be relied upon.  Kelynack is iron. "k'l-EYE-nek", instead of the correct "K'LIN-ek", for example.  The BBC is currently performing serious assault and battery upon our place-name pronunciations and, because  it's heard so often from "official" sources, local people are gullibly following suit.

HELIGAN is now pronounced by nearly every one as "HELL-i-gun" because of them (ever since the "lost gardens were opened up).  The proper pron. is "h'LIGG-un".  I often wonder if I'm the only person left who says this.  There's a beer called "Heligan Honey" and I wince with genuine pain when I hear Cornish people order this and use the BBC pronunciation).


On 2013 Gen 15, at 20:08, Michael Everson wrote:

> How is it pronounced now?
> On 15 Jan 2013, at 19:55, Craig Weatherhill <craig at agantavas.org> wrote:
>> MONGLEATH:  Mungluth 1308, 1350, 1530; Mongluthe 1313; Mungleoth, Mungloeth 1316; Moungleth 1460; Monglyth 1480; Monglegh 1499; Munglyth 1523; Mongler 1590; Mungleth 1623: Monglar 1766; Munglar 1804.
>> A bit of a mish-mash, with -u-, -eo-, -oe-, -y-, -e-, and even -a-.
>> -gh and -er, -ar endings are curious, too.
> That mess of spellings does not guarantee *any* original vowel, it seems. 
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