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It is not a false dichotomy to point out that there are differences between the written and the spoken forms of the language- of any language, which is what I  keep trying to do.
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  The scribal language and English pronunciation are quite separate matters. They shouldn't be confused.
  Moreover Middle Cornish and Kernowek Kebmyn are not the same thing at all. KK is a modern construct only tangentially
  related to the texts on which it claims to be based. In addition KK was canvassed as being very unlike English of any period.

  The real point, of course, is that genuine Middle Cornish of say Tregear or CW is recognisably the same language as that
  of Rowe and Nicholas Boson.

  The dichotomy is a false one. 


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    I agree wholeheartedly too! And I will risk boring everyone again by saying that the reason MC/KK speakers sound stilted is because they are trying to speak the written 'scribal' language with English pronunciation i.e. English diphthongs for 'ow' and 'o' and 'e'.


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