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What is in the corpus?

In Breton, the real Breton way of saying someone speaks or doesn't speak Breton well is with "know". If you use <koms> "speak", you mark yourself as not a natural Breton speaker.

Goûd a rez brezhoneg? [know AFF you.do Breton?] "Do you know Breton?"
O ya, me a woar brezhoneg mad a-walc'h [o yes, I AFF knowº Breton good enough] "O yes, I know Breton pretty well."


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Meur ras dhys, Eddie.

Much obliged for the rhyme - but Nicholas has some reservations about using freth .

Durachdan - Ken

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Ken whek,

Y hyllyr leverel,
            "Gwell Kernewek nag yu freth,
              Es an tavas yn y veth."

Del wodher, yma boghes den hedhyu a vyn 'myras aga frygow war nans' hag y ow queles an ger 'freth' usyes yndelma; mes hem yu an tavaseth y'n Dasserghyans dre vras.

Eddie Climo

On 2013 Gen 22, at 13:04, Ken MacKinnon wrote:


Some good few years ago I concocted some words of encouragement for my then Gaelic class: Is fhearr Gaidhlig bhriste na Gaidhlig 'na ciste.    ('Better broken Gaelic than Gaelic in its coffin').

This took off and has enjoyed a life of its own.  It sparked off a controversy as to whether briste should be aspirated or not: 'Gaidhlig bhriste...' meaning broken Gaelic, and 'Gaelic briste' meaning 'Gaelic (that is) broken..'

I have also seen it quoted as on 'old Gaelic proverb', and seen it written on a wall in Edinburgh.   Maybe it is worth a Cornish version:   'Gwella Kernowek terrys ages Kernowek encledhys' ?    .....   Could be improved upon - especially re rhymes.    We could also have a controversy about spelling and pronouncing encledhys.

-        An ken Ken  (estuary English speaker)
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