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resek means 'to run' of liquids:

fenten bryght avel arhans ha pedyr streyth vras defry ov resek adyworty 'a fountain bright as silver and four great streams running from it' OM  771-73 
eff en prenveth hag in tyn avodia sur mar ny vyn y woys a resek then luyr 'he will pay for it and sharply; if he does not leave, his blood will drip to the ground' BM 2260-62
kepar dell ra lyas govar resak thea vn kenogan 'just as many streams run from one reed bed' TH 8a
eff ew an fentan vs ow resak gans mercy ha grace 'he is the fountain that runs with mercy and grace' TH 11
ryvars a thowre a ra resek in mes anetha y 'rivers of water will flow from them' TH 53.

But resek can also refer to human running:

whath ny  rowns y inta vnderstondia an scripture lell, mas pub vr resak pelha ha pelha in error hag in ignorans 'still they do not understand the true scripture but always running further and furtherinto error and ignorance' TH 17a
lyas onyn a rug resak ha ponya in stray 'many people ran and galloped astray' TH 30a.

Notice also: 
Me, Sertory, myghtern Lyby, a res dretho gans ow gu
 'I Sertory, king of Libya, will run through him with my spear' BK 2587-89

I can't find any example of resek used with animals.


On 23 Jan 2013, at 14:26, Janice Lobb wrote:

> a side issue involving "resek" - I have seen it used to mean "to race" (running, horses, etc) - is this wrong - is it more appropriate to a mill race? 

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