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Wed Jan 23 21:49:09 GMT 2013

When the pupil in the school attended by St Meriasek says:

vnwyth a caffen hansell me a russa amendie ‘if I could only have breakfast, I should improve’ BM 110-11

there doesn't seem to be any correction involved. Just an improvement in his ability to read.
The Middle English verb 'amenden' does not imply correction. 

Look at these two quotations from Middle English

That yonge and olde..Myght lerne of hir, and also In the crafte gretely amende i.e. That young and old…might learn from her and also in the craft greatly improve.

His cher amendid more and more i.e. 'his mood got better and better'.

Amendya is not the same as 'to emend'.


On 23 Jan 2013, at 21:29, Janice Lobb wrote:

> does amendya imply an element of correction? Can one not improve without correcting?

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