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On 2013 Gen 25, at 08:30, Hewitt, Stephen wrote:

> That’s in the French-Breton part, which is less reliable – he feels obliged to find equivalents for the all the core lexemes of French. However, there is a considerable “lexical deficit” in Breton. There is no commonly used exact equivalent of “fluent”.

Fortunately, Cornish--in its Revived forms, at the very least--has no such 'deficit'. In addition, or course, to being able to use similar forms to those mentioned earlier for Breton ('he speaks Cornish well/knowledgeably'), we have at least 3 other ways of expressing the idea of 'fluent':

	freth (Nance, Williams, Kennedy, Gendall)
	helavar (Nance, Williams)
	ow-resek (Nance. eg. ? "yma hy scryfa Kernewek ow resek yn ta.")

Eddie Climo
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