[Spellyans] Disappearance of Cornish placenames from OS maps

Steven Whitehouse steve at chygwyn.com
Wed Jan 30 17:21:10 GMT 2013

On Wed, 2013-01-30 at 14:17 +0000, Christian Semmens wrote:
> Is Cape Kulgyth Ust in Unified? 
> I seem to remember seeing that somewhere. 
> As for Landewednack, I notice that there is no settlement name on a
> sign near it, nor are there road signs for it although it does appear
> in Google Maps correctly. There is a road sign for Church Cove though.
> Perhaps it has been ethnically cleansed, and the new residents
> petitioned for a nice English name?
> I've just checked Open Street Map again and the changes haven't taken
> effect completely yet. I'm just finding my way around it.
> Christian
One of the nice features of OSM is that it has a lot of flexibility in
terms of marking up the names. This is the page which explains the tags:


So it would theoretically be possible to tag each place name in almost
any variety of spellings (since there are language tags: kw-kkcor,
kw-uccor, kw_ucrcor, etc) and English too. In addition it is possible to
distinguish between old names, and local (unofficial) names.

Craig, I have a copy of your book too, plus a few other books with place
names and maps (from the OS and otherwise). I've not yet sat down to
compare them all and see what the differences are.

Some OS data is also freely available now, since that data was recently
released under a free license. That should represent the most uptodate
information since it comes from their database - again I've not looked
at it myself as that development came more recently than most of my
contributions to OSM.

The updates to the OSM database propagate to the online map on a fairly
regular basis - it used to be about once a week or so from memory. It
depends when the tiles for the particular map rendering are rebuilt, so
it can vary according to which map scale you are looking at. The
database contains far more information than is available on any
particular map rendering, so that given some patience, it should be
possible to produce alternate map renderings containing some of this
information (e.g. to prefer some specific language and/or orthography
for place names).

Do feel free to ping me if you have any OSM questions. I not an expert
by any means, but I have used it a fair bit in the past,


> On 30 January 2013 13:47, Craig Weatherhill <craig at agantavas.org>
> wrote:
>         The spellings I've used in that book for recommended forms,
>         Chris, are compatible with both KS and SWF.
>         Craig
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