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Are there any other attestations for 'starling' besides Lhuyd? I ask this
because *trodzhan* appears to be a singulative and therefore would suggest
the plural *troos.* If we'd be talking about multiple individual starlings
one would expect something like *trosennow. *
For the Breton evidence I can find sg. *tred *'starling' pl*. tridi *in
Favereau's online dictionary, but it would be interesting to see what the
plural is in all the dialects. It does not appear in the old Atlas
Linguistique (I can't find it, at least), but perhaps the new one? I ask
this because the online Favereau does mention something about a singulative
form (I'll check my proper copy in the office tomorrow), but is a bit
obscure about what it means.
As for the meaning 'grains of sand', Stokes appears to have analysed
*treysy* as being a plural of the noun that we find in Breton as
*traez* 'sand',
but the problem here is that this word actually occurs in Cornish as
*treth* 'beach'
(cf. Welsh *traeth*). So, we can write that off, definitely.
I'd also like to explore the possibility of interpreting *treysy* as the
plural of *tres *'track'. Does *tres* occur in the traditional corpus? I
haven't been able to find any attestations of the plural *tresow*, so that
slot would be open at least. If the singular is a modern coining taken over
from Breton *tres*, however, it would make the interpretation of *treysy* as
'tracks' far less likely.


2014-12-01 11:43 GMT+00:00 Nicholas Williams <njawilliams at gmail.com>:

> BM is rather a gruesome play. The torturers collect three thousand babies
> in order to kill them and use
> their blood as a salve for Constantine's skin disease:
> Nansus thym vj vgons flogh
> dywans then empour trussogh
> may hallons boys dewogys [1556]
> kepar ha porhel bo lugh
> lemen sovdoryen waryogh
> na schappya benen in beys
> Now I have 120 babies.
> Pack them off immediately to the emperor
> so that their blood can be extracted
> like a pig or calf.
> Now soldiers, take care
> that no single woman escape.
> I have no particular brief for Dr George's Gerlyver Meur of 2009.
> He does, however, in it suggest that treysy at BM 2399 is indeed the plural
> of the word for starling.
> Nicholas
> On 1 Dec 2014, at 10:52, Eddie Climo <eddie_climo at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> A gruesomely implausible simile, that!
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