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Many thanks, Nicholas.


On 2014 Kev 2, at 13:57, Nicholas Williams wrote:

> Dewnans is from Lhuyd's Deunanz which he uses more than once.
> Deunanz looks like a Cornicisation of W Dyfnaint.
> It is hardly the Cornish reflex of *Domnonii which would have given *Dêwnyn, *Dôwnyn or similar.
> In BK one finds Araby 'Arabia', Bitini 'Bithynia', Boecy 'Boetia', Itury,'Itury', Lyby 'Libya' and Syry 'Syria',
> and Lumbardy is in BM and Germany in BK and TH. Moreover Judi <iudi> occurs in the Ordinalia.  Domnony then seems reasonable.
> Nicholas
> On 1 Dec 2014, at 21:37, Craig Weatherhill <craig at agantavas.org> wrote:
>> I want to represent "Dumnonia" in Cornish, but in its historical context.  I want to avoid the current word for Devon: Dewnans (Dewnens SWF).
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