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I wonder about that, Jon. 
Of the two sources Borlase (1758) is earlier than Pryce (1790).
Borlase gives:
Kendereu, A. a Cousin-german.
I assume that A. here is for Ar[morican].
This looks as though it has been taken from the following two entries in Lhuyd:

Consobrinus…A Cousin-German; A. Kenderu AB: 50c-51a

Patruelis…A Cousin-german, brother's children. Ar. Kenderu, kompes AB: 114c

HANDERU (ACB Q 2 b verso) is, as you say, likely to be a misreading for Lhuyd's Kenderu from Lhuyd himself or from Borlase.

If these two points are valid, then Kenderu is Breton, not Cornish.
Handeru is a misreading of the Breton word.
There is no attested Cornish word for 'cousin' apart from cosyn. 


On 22 Jul 2014, at 13:32, Jon Mills <j.mills at email.com> wrote:

> Pryce's HANDERU is most probably from Tonkin's vocabulary in the Bilbao Library. I take the <H> to be copying error of an original handwritten <K>. Cornish cosyn is borrowed from Old Norman French, as is English cousin. I see nothing wrong with using cosyn.
> Ol an gwella,
> Jon

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