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Notice the following:

Ha lebben dru a devethez it a Brez, me a vedn gweel Duath an Skreef ma  NBoson (Padel page 31)

Yụ an vɐz-na ᵹẏz hôr? AB: 246a

Ev eụ dên dâ or dên dâ eụ AB: 246a

In the first of these three examples dell ywa appears to have been reduced to drua, as though the verb was yua before it simplified to ua after dr.

In the two examples from Lhuyd both instances seem to be falling diphthongs. The high nucleus in the first example, where it occurs in sentence initial position, is reminiscent of Yu hemma screpha Kernuack da? written by Gwavas.

The spellings ew, ewe, eu are all common in Late Cornish texts. Yw is also frequently attested. Is it possible that ew an yw were in free variation?

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> A challenge? Only if you or anyone else wants to see it as one. Challenge or no, it would be extremely useful to fill the gaps.
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