[Spellyans] yn udnyk 'only'

Nicholas Williams njawilliams at gmail.com
Thu May 1 12:40:12 BST 2014

In his 1938 dictionary under unyk 'sole, unique' Nance gives the adverb  yn-unyk (KS yn udnyk) 'only, merely'
from Lhuyd and adds (?from W[elsh]). 
I think it very unlikely that Lhuyd's en ednak 'only' is merely a calque on Welsh.
In his 'Comparative Vocabulary of the Original Languages of Britain and Ireland' (AB: 41-179) under Duntaxat 'Only, at the leastwise; to wit'
AB: 56a, Lhuyd gives C[ornish] En ednak.
In the Comparative Vocabulary Lhuyd, where he is comparing the various Celtic languages, Lhuyd cites words which he had either heard or for which he had documentary evidence.
It is virtually certain therefore, I think, that en ednak (KS yn udnyk) is genuine Cornish.

I will have to add a correction to Geryow Gwir on this matter.

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