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I agree, I have no doubt that ‹unnik› (or ‹unnek› ~‹ednek›) is genuine Cornish. There is also ‹vnnek› at RD.2395 and further spellings ‹ydnik› and ‹ydnek› in Lhuyd, as well as ‹ednak›, ‹unnek› in Pryce. 

On May 1, 2014, at 1:40 PM, Nicholas Williams wrote:

> In his 1938 dictionary under unyk 'sole, unique' Nance gives the adverb  yn-unyk (KS yn udnyk) 'only, merely'
> from Lhuyd and adds (?from W[elsh]). 
> I think it very unlikely that Lhuyd's en ednak 'only' is merely a calque on Welsh.
> In his 'Comparative Vocabulary of the Original Languages of Britain and Ireland' (AB: 41-179) under Duntaxat 'Only, at the leastwise; to wit'
> AB: 56a, Lhuyd gives C[ornish] En ednak.
> In the Comparative Vocabulary Lhuyd, where he is comparing the various Celtic languages, Lhuyd cites words which he had either heard or for which he had documentary evidence.
> It is virtually certain therefore, I think, that en ednak (KS yn udnyk) is genuine Cornish.
> I will have to add a correction to Geryow Gwir on this matter.
> Nicholas
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