[Spellyans] SWF review

Ray Chubb ray at spyrys.org
Sat May 10 08:31:23 BST 2014

I don't want to fall out with Clive and Eddie but I think Michael's  
point below is the salient one.

Up until the review, the SWF was on the side of phonetic, introducing  
medial 'gh' swings it the other way in order to please 24 users of  
Cornish. I think this was the highest number of responses for anything  
in the Review but it is still a very small proportion of the Cornish  
speaking community.

Agan Tavas decided at the AGM that rather than introduce many of the  
inconsistencies recommended by the Review Board it was better to leave  
the SWF as it is.

On 9 Me 2014, at 15:51, Michael Everson wrote:

> An orthography might try to be morphophonemic or it might try to be  
> phonetic. The Review Board as a whole does not really seem to have  
> understood the orthographic principles upon which the SWF itself was  
> based,

Ray Chubb


Agan Tavas web site:  www.agantavas.com

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