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The verb flerya 'to stink' is attested. as is fleryys 'stinker, smelly person' (for ?*fleryus). I can't find any Middle Cornish example of fler 'smell, stink' though odor flair occurs in OCV. Notice that Lhuyd gives flair s.v. odor AB: 4b, 105c. In both cases he puts a dagger in front of the word to indicate that it is Old Cornish only. The Middle/Late word he cites for 'odour' is Saụarn. This is presumably for *saworen, but is not attested in the MC texts.


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> I can see nothing wrong with the concept of stinking with a flavour. It is possible that the writer of RD only used 'blas' to give himself a rhyme. Otherwise he could have used the much more appropriate 'fler'.

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