[Spellyans] "Winni-an-Pou"

harry hawkey bendyfrog at live.com
Fri Aug 7 14:23:15 BST 2015

njawilliams wrote:

So the best way of saying it is Ba rí de ríthe Shasana Anraí VIII 'Henry VIII was a king of the kings of England'. 

How about this then:

'Wynni, Pou a'n Pouow'

For 'Winnie, a Pooh of the Poohs'?  Though I'm not too sure of the plural ending.

Eddie Climo wrote:

As regards the syntax of the name…well, it’s no more than a child’s 
fancy. Young Christopher was doubtless unconcerned with the rigours of 
English grammar—no more should we be, perhaps, with the Cornish!

Sounds pretty good to me. 		 	   		  
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