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I can only think that his importance has been inflated.  Alverton was one of the largest estates in West Cornwall (I dislike the term "manor").  I believe that the church owned it at that time.  This would explain the Saxon names if Canterbury was in charge of all the senior appointments.  Cornwall was never conquered by Wessex, as Devon was, and the recent 10-year genetic survey (published in March) now makes that quite plain.

The only historical Ricatus in Cornwall is one of 4 names on an inscribed stone at Cuby.  The Penzance Market Cross doesn't bear that name, but a Saxon one instead:  Recgisi(ge).  Also, in clever code within the longer inscription on the cross is another Saxon name Wi(g)hwet, perhaps the sculptor.  Also in code, three times is the date of the cross MVII (1007), which originally formed the centrepiece of Alverton's cemetery, just E of St John's Hall in Penzance.

Tygys might be for Tegys (Welsh Tegid), from Latin Tacitus.

The presence of Cassivellanus, who was based a long way from Cornwall and not known to have come anywhere near, is intriguing.


On 2015 Est 30, at 15:26, Nicholas Williams wrote:

> Why is he called Mytern Alwar?
> He is mentioned along with Mytern Margh, Mytern Casvelyn i.e. Cassivelaunus and Mytern Pygys.
> This last might be the same as Ricatus, with Pygys a misreading for Rygys.
> Otherwise it might be for *Tygys < Tacitus. 
> Re: Alroron. What is the origin of Alysaryn in the play by Peggy Pollard?
> Nicholas
> On 30 Aug 2015, at 10:04, Craig Weatherhill <craig at agantavas.org> wrote:
>> Alwar of BM is probably the 11th century Alweard, Aluuard, of the Manor of Alverton, Penzance.  I suspect he was a senior churchman at Madron church (mother church of Penzance), appointed by Canterbury.
>> His name is preserved in place-names such as Alverton and Nansalverne.
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