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Hi Max,

Sounds very cool! I have good and bad news for you. The bad news is that
Cornish is probably the most innovative of the Brittonic languages, so I'm
not sure how well it would be suited for your purposes. The good news is
that I think that a few sentences of Brittonic should be doable by
reconstruction and comparison with contemporary Gaulish, a close relative
on the other side of the channel. How much Brittonic do you need?

All the best,

Op maandag 7 december 2015 heeft Max Mallmann <maxmall at uol.com.br> het
volgende geschreven:

> Hi,
> I’m Brazilian TV writer and novelist. Not famous, but relatively
> well-known in my country. I have written many TV shows and published six
> books. The most recent two, “O centésimo em Roma” e “As mil mortes de
> César”, are the first volumes of the Publius Desiderius Dolens saga. The
> main character is a melancholic Roman centurion who drinks a lot, acts on
> impulse, and fights like a tiger.
> Well… some chapters of “A prole da Loba”, the upcoming third volume of my
> historical novels, take place in the first century Roman Britain. I know at
> that time the Britons spoke Common Brittonic, a language extinct today,
> from which Cornish descends closely. I would very much like to use Cornish
> in a few lines of dialogue, given the impossibility of fully reconstituting
> the Common Brittonic.
> Could you help me?
> Regards,
> Max Mallmann
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