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In his 1938 dictionary Nance includes the word gonesegeth f. agriculture, culture and puts after it the letter W, B to indicate that
the word has been based on Welsh gweinidogaeth ‘ministry’ and Breton gounidigezh ‘bénéfice; culture, exploitation’.

In Gerlyver Meur (2009) gonesegeth has been changed to gonisogeth and the note has been added:

"Nance wrote gonysegeth but -EK becomes -OG- medially" (GM 2009, page 242).

Nance’s forms were:

gonesegeth 1938
gonesygeth 1951
gonysegeth 1955.

I wonder how far the “emendation” of gonesegeth/gonesygeth/gonysegeth was really justified.

Medial -ek- does not always become -og- as can be seen from:

marregyon ‘knights’ PC 1613, PC 2347, marreggyon RD 361, marregion RD 607 and marregyon RD 657, all plurals of marrek ‘knight'

gowygyon ‘liars’ RD 1478, RD 1510 plural of gowek ‘liar’.

In which case gonesegeth or gonysegeth seems justifiable.


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