[Spellyans] Gortharap

Craig Weatherhill craig at agantavas.org
Wed Aug 24 08:50:01 IST 2016

<gortharap>  appears in no less than ten widely-spread place-names in Cornwall and appears to translate as :  "very pleasant".

Padel finds cognates in W. gwrdd- "fine, strong", and W. arab, "pleasant".  (However, W. gwrth- "contra-", could render the word as meaning "unpleasant" - but this is unlikely in such place-names as Tretharrup/Trewartharap).

That <gortharap > appears in ten names from Gwennap in the west to St Cleer in the east should qualify it for inclusion in current dictionaries.

Matthew Clarke argues that a case can be made to include <arap> as well.  However, I disagree.  <arap> is not found anywhere on its own, as far as I'm aware; therefore, a case for its inclusion is far too weak to justify.

What are your thoughts on these words?


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